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What are Channel Controls?

Each channel has controls that work like a mixer. Once you drop a loop or sample from the library to a channel – known simply as “track” – you can make use of these controls to make adjustments to the audio clip. Channel controls also help with your workflow!

Solo and Mute

The solo and mute buttons can be used to hear new possibilities and pinpoint decisions when mixing and matching beats. For example, if you make alternative arrangements, you can solo a group of tracks to help you pick the best take. Or when you have 20 tracks in your project, you might want to solo some elements to make sure they get along well. Soloing drums or bass when recording vocals also allows you to cut the noise and focus on the vocals.

Add Effects

Audio effects let you enhance and manipulate the sound. They can add depth and various other features to the track you produce. Double-click on the channel to open the effects panel and put together a succession of effects into an effects chain to get the sound you want. Learn more about using effects here.


Adjust Volume

A song made up of elements that have a different volume level sounds more expressive and dynamic. To achieve this, adjust the volume slider of each instrument in your project until you get a balance of loudness and softness that brings your musical vision to life. 


Panning controls the stereo position of the channel, therefore it lets you create a clear audio picture and add space in your music. A song’s focal points, like drums and vocals, are usually panned center, while some added elements are panned left and right to get a song to sound wider.

Add Automation

Automation lets you automate any channel controls mentioned above throughout the whole track. It creates movement by allowing your song to creatively evolve from one section to the next. Click the drop-down to display a list with all the parameters available to create automation for. Learn more about automation here.


You can rename your audio channels to keep your song organized. Double click on the name where it says “Audio Channel” and type in your own name for the channel.

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