Professional Business Coach Alicia Cramer
Alicia Cramer is an accomplished business coach, mindset expert and marketing strategist. 

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"Alicia is one of the best in the game. Period."
~ Camelia A. 


Alicia's Hypnosis Skills are Recommended by Other Hypnotherapists

 "I had to write to thank you. Your work is awesome and amazing, and I say this as a hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, and psychodramatist. It was incredible!! I felt the serenity for a day and a half. Thank you and blessings to whatever you do!”

Elana Schondof, LCSW-R

There is Always Room for Improvement 

"For me to be so successful in the past, yet see that there is a path for even more success, and have an even better time building my business is a real revelation for me."

Cathy Demers, Founder of Business Mastermind Teams and Business Success Cafe

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Business Coaching | Mindset Strategy | Sales and Marketing Consulting

A conscious approach to business... with practical application.

Clients usually seek me out for one of two reasons.

1) Either they know they are bumping up against mindset related obstacles: fears, self-doubt, insecurities, resistance, etc. And it is adversely affecting the growth of their business

2) Or they are moving into a new venture; like a professional who has started an online business to create leveraged and expandable income streams. And they need assistance with the practical side of growing an online business.

In both cases, there are 5 Steps we take to get you from where you are to where you want to be:

Step 1: We assess your current business and/or mindset.
This is where we identify what is not working and what needs to be addressed to achieve your goals.

Step 2: We lay out a plan to address your current challenges, based upon your needs and goals.

Step 3: We begin the implementation, refinement and momentum phase.

Step 4: Growth and momentum phase; we focus on continuous application of strategies for growth and improvement.

Step 5: We determine whether any ongoing maintenance is needed. 

I invite you to take the 1st Step now and schedule your Complimentary Assessment. If working together is the right fit, we can move to Step 2. If not, you will be a little clearer on what obstacles are in the way of your success. It is a win-win. Click below to schedule your Assessment.

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Sessions Conducted by Phone or Skype Call

Sessions are customized for each client and client confidentiality is guaranteed. International clients are welcome. * An initial phone conversation is required to become a client. Schedule your Complimentary Assessment above.

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