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"Alicia is one of the best in the game. Period."
~ Camelia A. 


Alicia's Hypnosis Skills are Recommended by Other Hypnotherapists

 "I had to write to thank you. Your work is awesome and amazing, and I say this as a hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, and psychodramatist. It was incredible!! I felt the serenity for a day and a half. Thank you and blessings to whatever you do!”

Elana Schondof, LCSW-R

There is Always Room for Improvement 

"For me to be so successful in the past, yet see that there is a path for even more success, and have an even better time building my business is a real revelation for me."

Cathy Demers, Founder of Business Mastermind Teams and Business Success Cafe

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International clients are welcome.

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Your Subconscious Barriers Are Holding You Back from the Next Level of Success

I've been where you are and I can help you break free.

Many entrepreneurs and high achievers assume they have overcome old challenges (fears, doubts, insecurities, relationship issues, confidence issues, etc.), because they have experienced business growth and various achievements; only to have the issues re-emerge when they encounter a new opportunity for growth or expansion. Over the years I have seen this same pattern play out over and over again, for myself as well as my clients. I do not gamble, but I would be willing to bet you can identify this phenomenon in your life and business as well.

Regardless of what stage you are at in your business or career, each time you decide to up-level, your unresolved subconscious blocks and patterns surface. You may have achieved success in one area of business, only to bump up against massive resistance to the next level of success. 

As we work together, we address your mental-and-emotional (subconscious) patterns, to overcome the obstacle(s), while simultaneously reinforcing empowerment, well-being and personal alignment with your values, goals and lifestyle preferences. This causes you to have consistent breakthroughs - and achieve your goals more efficiently with greater ease.

I help my clients overcome the following challenges (and more) quickly and effectively:

Overcome Confidence Issues and Feelings of Inadequacy
Break Through Fears - like Public Speaking or "Being Seen"
Improve Sales Performance ... without feeling manipulative or pushy
Clear Subconscious Blocks to Increased Income
Break Free from Impostor Syndrome (unworthy of achievement)
Increase Self-Discipline and Create Success Habits
Overcome Self-Doubt and Self-Sabotage
Clarify Goals and Develop the Mindset to Achieve Them

Let's schedule a time to discuss your unique circumstances and how I can help you break through them quickly! Conveniently self-schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your goals. If working together is the right next step, we will determine which program will most effectively meet your needs.

Consultations provide a safe - confidential - space for you and I to identify the underlying cause of your challenge, as well as determine whether our work together will help you resolve it once and for all.

Breakthrough Your Obstacles to Success

"Alicia has helped me to work through blocks and get past the limiting beliefs that have kept me from moving forward in my life. With Alicia's help I have realized that I don't need to do things in the same manner that everyone else does, and that my success lies in honoring my own truth.

Through my work with Alicia I am discovering my own voice and my own style, and am attracting clients who resonate with me. Amazing things can happen when we connect with who we are in the face of fear, doubt, and discomfort. Many thanks to Alicia for helping me to be who I actually am."

Kirsten H., Yoga Instructor/Business Owner