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Getting to Know Loops

Loop is an audio sample that repeats seamlessly when it’s played. You can layer loops on top of each other to make endless variations. Because you can mix and match however you want, loops are great building blocks for songs when you’re new to music production. You can find over 12,000 royalty-free loops in the library on the right-hand side of your studio.

Using Loops in Your Track

1. Listen to a preview by clicking on the loop. You can also press stop, choose to hear it repetitively, or disable autoplay from the toolbar below.

2. Add new channels by clicking the plus sign in the bottom left corner. Choose between audio and MIDI channels. Audio channels are for audio loops. Instrument channels are for MIDI loops.

3. Once you find a loop you like, drag it to the channel.

4. Unlike audio clips, you can change an instrument for MIDI clips by clicking “Edit Instrument” and make changes to the notes by double-clicking on the note clip.

Learn more about editing audio clips here.

Pro Tip

The first loop you use will set your project’s tempo. Make sure all the loops in your project have the same tempo (bpm or beats per minute) so they all go well together.

That’s everything you need to know when it comes to using audio loops. Simple right? A “complete” track can have anything from 10 to 100 channels, so start with a couple of loops first then go from there and make your song as complex as you want. Happy mixing and matching!

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