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Level: Beginner

Getting your music out to the world. Growing your fanbase. Building an audience. It all starts with publishing the music on your profile.

To publish your song in the Soundation community, open the song in the studio and click on the export icon from the sidebar on the right-hand side of the studio. Click “Publish track”.

Name your track and choose if you want to normalize a track. The volume will then be automatically adjusted to be as loud as possible. Click Publish.

The system will begin processing your song then a pop up will prompt you to “Edit Track info”, click that.

Your track page opens and you can add a description, picture, genre category, if you want it visible, allow comments or if you would like listeners to be able to download your track.

When you want to retrieve your saved song back into Soundation go to File -> and select “Open”.

Remember to hit “Save” to activate the settings.

Now your song is saved to your profile. Click the title of the track to open up the track page with the widget player.

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