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Adding Channels

To add a channel, click on the “+ Add channel” in the lower left corner, or right-click to open a menu. Choose an audio, instrument or FX channel.

  • Audio channels are for audio loops and sound clips from the library, or for recording your own audio.
  • Instrument channels are for MIDI loops from the library, as well as recording notes using Virtual Instruments.
  • FX channels are for effects. You can send the signal from audio and instrument channels to these.

Deleting Channels

To delete a channel, highlight by clicking inside the box and hit delete. You can also right click on the channel and choose “Delete Channel”.

Moving Channels

Sometimes you might want to group similar elements, such as drum beats, close to each other. To move a channel, highlight the box then hold and drag the channel to the desired position.

Cloning Channels

Cloning channels is useful when you want to use the same effects on a new track. To clone, click the box to highlight, right click and choose “Clone Channel and Content”.

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