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Filter Sounds in the Library

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Using a Filter

Endless browsing sucks. To get only loops and samples you’re looking for, use a library’s filter. It’s a secret to finishing a track fast. Click “Browse all sounds” and a filter icon next to a search toolbar and you’ll find all the filters you need. Here’s everything you can filter in our sound library.

1. Genre

2. Instrument

The three basic ingredients of a song are beats, melodies and chords. To make a fully-formed track, you might want to filter by instrument to find all those ingredients for your song. For example, choose drums if you’re searching for beats and keyboards if you’re looking for melodies.


3. Tempo

Toggle “Sync to Tempo” to on and the library will limit the search to the BPM (beats per minute or tempo) you have chosen for the project. The higher the BPM number, the faster the tempo.

4. Key

Key tells us the song’s mood and tone from a scale of notes a song is based on. For example, major keys typically sound happy while minor keys usually convey sadness. If you figure out your track’s key beforehand, use this filter to make sure all loops and samples used in the project have the same mood and tone.

5. Type of loops

Audio loops are prerecorded audio designed to play repeatedly. To use them, you need audio channels. MIDI loops, short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, don’t contain actual audio but are a collection of notes triggered by an instrument chosen in an instrument channel.

Premium sounds

First of all, you might have noticed by now that we have lots of Premium loops in the library. Second, if you’ve made it this far, you might be interested in trying them out. Here’s the Easter egg for you. Click to get 50% off your first three months of Premium Monthly here: LEARNLOOPS

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