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Here’s everything you need to know to make your first song on Soundation.

Popular Topics

Export songs
Record vocals
Fade in or out


How to create collab projects
How to invite collaborators
How to work with Ableton Live
How to work with FL Studio

Get Started

How to layer drum loops
How to layer instrument loops
How to customize loops
How to use one-shots
How to use delay
How to use reverb
How to make basic chords
How to make colorful chords
How to make chord progressions
How to improve chord progressions

Get Creative

How to make lo-fi hip hop
How to sample like Daft Punk
How to recreate Bad Guy

Download free projects made by the Soundation community and get started right away in The Crate.

Use a Sound Library | Beginner

Use audio loops
Filter sounds
Understand channel controls
Edit tracks

Manage Songs | Beginner

Save, open and delete
Publish and share

Customize | Apprentice

Loop and edit
Stretch and pitch

Record and Import | Apprentice

Record vocals
Import audio
Manage imported audio

Add Effects | Expert

Start using effects
Get to know all the effects
Use Parametric EQ
Use effect channels

Use Instruments | Pro

Use instrument channels
Record notes with a virtual keyboard
Get to know all the instruments
Import MIDI files
Use an external MIDI keyboard
Use keyboard shortcuts


Change tempo and time signature
Adjust display
Edit studio settings
Change buffer size

Share your creations and find help. Explore the community.
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