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Automation is when a parameter changes over time automatically while you play back your song. You can automate any channel parameter including volume, panning, effect and instrument parameters.

Automating Volume to Fade In/Fade Out

1. Each channel in Soundation Studio has its own automation drop-down menu.

Select “Volume” if you want to fade in and fade out. A grey line will appear in the track.

2. If you click on the track a dot will appear where you clicked. For a smooth fade-in of this track, make a series of ascending dots so that the volume will increase accordingly. Press play to hear the track fades in and see the volume slider go up.

3. To remove all of the current automation for the selected parameter, right-click on the track and select “Clear Automation”.

Using Automation to Crossfade

  1. To Fade a channel, go to Automate and in the drop-down menu click on Volume. An automation line will appear.

2. Click anywhere in the track and an automation point will appear. This is two channels “crossfading”.

3. You can do this with any of the individual channels, but if you want to fade in or out an entire song then you have to use the Master Channel automation settings.

Start by right-clicking anywhere in the arrangement view and select “Show master channel”. The master channel will appear in the bottom of your arrange. Now you can use the volume automation on the master channel to fade in your song.

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